Wardle High School 6th Form Prospectus

Wardle High School is a comprehensive foundation school for young people aged from 11 to 18 years. The school opened in September 1977 and has grown into a popular school with a strong academic record and a positive reputation within the local community. Perfect Circle has worked with Wardle High School for many...
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New Charter Academy delivers new prospectus

Perfect Circle worked with New Charter Academy to communicate through new prospectus their status as a specialist Business and Enterprise, and Sports Academy. We developed a design to reflected their innovative vision for secondary education in Tameside, a vision that is about more than education, where students learn and achieve...
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Levenshulme High School Alumni Google Maps website goes live!

Past students and current students will have the ability to upload to google maps their current location and vocation thanks to the new Levenshulmeis80 website that launched today. This website is being populated via a link to the social networking site Facebook where Perfect Circle created a Levenshulme High School...
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Facebook Launch for Levenshulme High School

To communicate the eightieth anniversary celebration event at Levenshulme High School, Perfect Circle created a Facebook site for the school. The Facebook site was designed to generate social networking opportunities that directed the target audience through to a site we created called Levenshulmeis80.co.uk. At this site passed students...
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Who did you become?

Who did you become? The campaign has been created by Perfect Circle to target past pupils of Levenshulme High School and generate awareness of 80th Anniversary celebrations that are due to take place on the 1st May 2009. The outdoor media will run for a fortnight across South Manchester and the...
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