Can behaviour change marketing help the NHS to save money?

Social marketing is at the heart of the NHS’s preventive health campaigning. But how exactly can behaviour change marketing help the NHS to save money, if indeed it can? A shift toward preventive health measures We all will at some point in our lives need the services of the...
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Is it expensive to deliver a social marketing campaign?

One of the first things people ask when it comes to social marketing campaigns is: “How much?” It makes them feel like they are in control, so they can judge whether to proceed, and if a social marketing project is both feasible and affordable. Is social marketing expensive to deliver? ...
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The future face of UK dental practices

Dental practices have dramatically changed over the past 2 decades. They are now like businesses rather than mere service providers dealing with a few oral health issues. Dentists have had to completely reinvent themselves to survive. So how has the dental marketing industry responded? Customers want more Think back 5 years, maybe 10? ...
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Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

The power of automated marketing

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