CPME - Global Recycling Technology

Littleborough based, CPME are world leaders in Global Recycling Technology. Their mission is to be recognised as industry leaders for providing cutting edge waste recycling technology to customers across the UK and Europe. They contacted Perfect Circle in August 2013, the company wanted to re-brand themselves and required support to position...
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Tier1 Recycling – IT Recycling Campaign

Tier1 Recycling are a Manchester based IT recycling company that offer the security of disposing IT equipment safely and ethically preventing any confidential information left on the equipment falling into the wrong hands. They approached Perfect Circle in need of a new, appealing website with a design that will effectively...
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Two-thirds of people now use their mobile phones to go online

With the smartphone now dominating the mobile phone market, it isn’t surprising to see that people are now accessing online content through their mobile device. Mobile web browsing had been an uncommon luxury for most users until the past 4 or 5 years, but since the arrival of the 3G network,...
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Levenshulme High School Alumni Google Maps website goes live!

Past students and current students will have the ability to upload to google maps their current location and vocation thanks to the new Levenshulmeis80 website that launched today. This website is being populated via a link to the social networking site Facebook where Perfect Circle created a Levenshulme High School...
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