Behavioural marketing software is making new things possible and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this innovation.

A new world of behavioural marketing

Social marketing is now a recognised way of inspiring behaviour change in people, in communities and across society. Recent developments in marketing automation software have transformed what campaigns are capable of achieving. Marketers can now gain access to unique intelligence and insight about individual targets, through analysis of their digital activity.

Personalising ‘the customer’ experience

Behavioural marketing software sits behind a website, and gathers intelligence about the people that are visiting you online – and you probably didn’t know about.

By analysing, tracking and monitoring a person’s digital activity over time, you can learn about their likes, dislikes, needs and interests, and then deliver highly effective automated content that responds to their individual profile.

Sharpspring Platinum Partner

Perfect Circle is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Sharpspring Platinum Partner Accreditation. As the UK's only Platinum Accredited agency and one of only a handful to hold this status globally, Perfect Circle has confirmed its position as a Global leader in marketing automation.

This status is only granted to marketing agencies that demonstrate a high degree of expertise and knowledge about the Sharpspring marketing automation platform.

Social marketing impacts on our daily lives

An insight into modern marketing

Social marketing techniques continue to evolve and develop. As digital targeting improves, so does the potential for changing behaviours.

Once you know your target, behavioural marketing technology equips you with an automated platform for driving specific digital content towards them. This can only improve outcomes and inspire sustainable behaviour change.

Automation is a cost-effective and efficient way of delivering relevant content. Once set up, it saves time, re-channels your resources and makes better use of finance – all at the push of a button.

An insight into modern marketing

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Opportunities for the Healthcare Sector

Behavioural marketing technology and automation provides a framework for making more effective health interventions that motivate behaviour change. Once a digital profile is captured, unique and personal health content can be tailored around individuals, leading to widespread health benefits and lifestyle improvements.

Health Care

Why do we believe marketing automation is such a good fit for the health industry? Getting alongside people and understanding why they behave as they do, is of paramount importance to inspiring change and improving health outcomes.