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Who are we?

We are Perfect circle  - the UK’s leading social marketing agency on a mission to bring about positive behavioural change in our organisations, communities and in the wider world.

But don't take our word for it


"Working with Perfect Circle we developed innovative intervention methods that enabled us to reach our target audience in their workplace. The campaign delivered upon its objectives and provided great data for future campaigns."

Sophie Stewart

North Lancs NHS

"Perfect Circle were able to build and deliver a social marketing campaign that addressed a very difficult health issue for us. The successful outcomes of the campaign were achieved even with the very limited budget that they had to work with."

Caroline Dearden

NHS Bury

"We were one of the first councils in the UK to address the dangers that Legal High’s pose to young people, and Perfect Circle offered us great support."

Rachel McQuilliam

Oxfordshire County Council

"Perfect Circle’s social marketing approach helped us exceed the targets for our dental health campaign and ahead of schedule."

Katherine Beattie

Trafford, NHS