Behaviour Change Example: Winter Friends Campaign

Posted by Marketing & PR on 30 Nov 2022

Behaviour Change Example: Winter Friends Campaign

As specialists in behaviour change campaigns, we appreciate a good behaviour change example and the latest one to capture our attention is the Winter Friends campaign run by Leeds City Council.

With rising energy costs, and the general cost of living skyrocketing this campaign is much needed to help communities stay warm and healthy this winter.

The campaign aims to sign people up to become a Winter Friend. They explain that a Winter Friend is someone you can count on and genuinely cares about other members of the community.

The Winter Friends campaign joins those who want to help with those who are in need of help, whether that be to help keep drives and walkways safe during icy conditions or offering advice on how to cook budget-friendly and healthy meals. 

Acting as a central hub for the Leeds community, the Winter Friends website has a wealth of information on how people can help one another to get through what is expected to be a tough winter.

This ranges from picking up some groceries for a neighbour to providing social support by staying in touch with someone living on their own. Whether done face-to-face or remotely, social interaction is one of the most important factors in good mental health and wellbeing.

Our Expertise

We’ve been creating highly successful social marketing campaigns for our customers for over two decades. We love our work and use the latest marketing communication tools and most current segmentation and customer insight techniques.

This allows us to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviour that benefits individuals and whole communities – for the social good.

Within our team, we have leading nationally recognised academic professionals within Psychology, Mental Health and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that advise what messages and mediums will deliver the best response when we scope out a communications campaign or deliver any targeted communications.

This provides our clients with the reassurance and confidence of knowing that their communication objectives are underpinned by recognised academic behavioural theory, executed with award-winning creative design and using the latest Marketing Automation communication tools, whether it’s on a local, regional or national project.

Perfect Circle has delivered social change for clients like schools, local government, not-for-profit organisations, the health sector and niche commercial businesses, and we’re really proud of what we’ve done so far.

If you’d like our help on your next Behaviour Change Marketing or Social Marketing campaign, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page and get in touch.

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