How can I use psychology theories in behaviour change marketing?

Posted by TeamPC on 15 Aug 2017

How can I use psychology theories in behaviour change marketing?

A social marketing plan is founded on a collective group of proven theories that provide insight in terms of how to successfully deliver socially advantageous campaigns.  These theories are used in combination to promote and discourage social behaviours – whether good or bad.

A framework for change – based on proven theories

What does that mean?  Well, social marketing is a framework, based on various theories that help marketers to design deliver and implement schemes that lead to personal and wider behaviour change across society

The theories behind social marketing help agencies to identify the various social and psychological and behavioural barriers that hinder the flow of information through the media etc, and ways of overcoming these barriers.

It’s only by getting to grips with why people behave as they do, that you can create a successful strategy that inspires belief, and creates a deep sense of purpose and commitment in individuals and communities, to change habits and lifestyle choices.

Developing a detailed psychological profile of a target audience is important to the future success of your project

Without a detailed psychological appreciation of the audience you are trying to reach, there is little chance of your social marketing project succeeding.

Applying persuasion psychologies

It’s not just understanding the psychological profile of a target audience, the success of a social marketing intervention also depends on your agency being able to apply persuasion psychologies in the most structured and cost effective way.  In other words: to find the best ways of getting people to trust in your offering.  By building trust they are more likely to make a positive response.

From free downloadable content, to accessing aspirational talks by well known people, and visually exciting video content and webinar participation, there are many ways of using a social marketing framework to influence how a person thinks and acts – and a big part of that is down to using the latest psychological and behavioural theories.

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Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

The power of automated marketing

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