How can you Inspire Action with Behaviour Change Marketing?

Posted by Marketing & PR on 30 Nov 2017

How can you Inspire Action with Behaviour Change Marketing?

Behaviour Change Marketing and Social Marketing is designed using principles from commercial marketing and the social sciences to help people change their behaviours for the better.

Behaviour Change Marketing can be a highly effective method of inspiring action and evoking change. Whether you want to inspire someone to change their lifestyle, improve their wellbeing or reverse bad habits, such as driving too fast, Behaviour Change marketing can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that can help you inspire action with Behaviour Change Marketing.

1. Know your audience

Identifying your audience and understanding how they behave is key for a successful Behaviour Change campaign. Consider segmenting your audience into targeted audiences, for example, not all women behave the same. Different types of people are influenced in very different ways, what may work for women who smoke and are in their 50’s may not work for women who smoke and are in their 20’s.

Also, you will need to consider how you deliver your campaign, younger people may be more influenced by social media posts, whereas older people may be influenced by printed articles.

2. Research and then research again

When it comes to your target audience you can never do enough research. The best results will come from truly understanding your audience, you may want to start by thinking about how they feel, how they think, how they act, who they talk to, who they trust and what matters to them.

3. Different strokes for different folks

Different audiences will respond differently to different benefits. Before you can expect someone to change they will need to know what is in it for them, for example, how will they benefit from giving up smoking or drinking alcohol? If this benefit appeals to them, then this will inspire them to take action to change.

For example, younger audiences are likely to care less about physical benefits and more about social benefits. So if your trying to change the behaviour of young adults who smoke, you may want to consider telling them how smoking affects their social relationships and could have a negative impact on their social life rather than the effects smoking has on their health. 

4. Understand your audiences barriers

To help your audience make a behaviour change, you must first understand why they are reluctant to change or have not already changed. What are the barriers preventing them from adopting a new behaviour or abandoning a negative one?

For example, if your Behaviour Change campaign was encouraging people to eat more healthily, you need to consider why aren’t they doing it already? It’s common knowledge that a well-balanced diet is much better for us than one that is highly processed, but many people rely on ready meals and fast foods.

Ask yourself why this might be, it could likely be down to the fact that people think healthy food is more expensive, harder to cook or takes longer to prepare. Giving the people the tools they need to start eating healthy such as recipes, meal plans and shopping tips will make the process of eating healthily easier and more attractive. And is more likely to inspire change.

5. Measure your results

The best way to make sure your Behaviour Change campaign is working and achieving the desired results is to make sure you measure the results. Measure from the very beginning of your campaign and throughout your campaign to ensure you know which messages and methods are achieving the best results and which are falling short. Knowing this will help you develop and improve your Behaviour Change Marketing campaign.

Our expertise

We are passionate about developing relevant Behaviour Change marketing approaches that bring about positive behavioural change – on a small scale, big scale, immediately, over time - not possibly, but definitely!

Within our team, we have leading nationally recognised academic professionals within Psychology, Mental Health and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that advise what messages and mediums will deliver the best response when we scope out a communications campaign or deliver any targeted communications.

This provides our clients with the reassurance and confidence of knowing that their communication objectives are underpinned by recognised academic behavioural theory, executed with award-winning creative design and using the latest communication tools, whether it’s on a local, regional or national project.

If you’d like our help on your next Behaviour Change Marketing campaign, then we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page and get in touch.

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