Social marketing effectiveness: the facts

Posted by TeamPC on 14 Mar 2017

Social marketing effectiveness: the facts

Everyone is talking about social marketing and how it can change people’s behaviour.  But does it work?  The National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) has got its finger on the pulse and has produced lots of guidance quantifying the benefits.

Getting to grips with everyday lives and concerns

It’s widely accepted that if we can get to grips with what motivates people to make the right decisions, in addition to addressing their everyday lives and concerns, it is possible to make a real difference – to them and to society at large. That’s exactly what social marketing is doing on a daily basis, according to the NSMC.

The NHS is not alone in pioneering the use of social marketing.  Healthcare advertising agencies, NHS marketing and dental marketing industries are starting to roll out awareness, motivational and life-changing social marketing campaigns that focus more clearly on the needs and concerns of people. 

Achieving positive impacts

It’s the focus on behaviour that is at the core of social marketing.  It doesn’t just deal with a one-off behaviour, it takes a much wider approach and focuses on how to promote, establish and sustain changes, over time.

Dynamic and evolving

The NSMC has concluded that while social marketing has had a marked impact on improving attitudes, influencing behaviour and increasing awareness of healthcare and education issues generally, its full potential has yet to be reached. 

The answer then must be to spread the word and to encourage other professionals and industries to invest in social marketing campaigns, to positively change behaviours. 

A powerful and adaptable approach

Social marketing goes much deeper than just telling people that something exists, it’s a powerful and adaptable approach for achieving and sustaining positive behaviour change – and that’s a really exciting prospect.

Social marketing works hard to improve lives – that’s an amazing ability and it sets it apart from other marketing techniques and initiatives.  It’s not fuelled by profit – its success is defined by the amount of change it delivers. 

Social marketing is here to stay and as more people recognise what it is capable of, its success is destined to soar. 

Marketing with a social conscience has arrived – let’s hope it’s going to be around for a long time!

Who are we?  We’re Perfect Circle - an award-winning social marketing agency, Manchester that delivers positive behavioural change across the UK.

Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

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