The top 5 social marketing interventions used by sports clubs and organisations

Posted by TeamPC on 30 Jul 2017

The top 5 social marketing interventions used by sports clubs and organisations

Already being adopted by the NHS as part of its wider portfolio of public health intervention projects, social marketing is also at work in the sports and leisure industry. 

Changing behaviours, improving outcomes and creating social good, there are many best examples of social marketing interventions across the UK.

Here are a few good ones.

Love to Move (British Gymnastics Association)

The BGA has recently launched their ‘Love to Move’ social marketing campaign, aimed at people with dementia and other cognitive disorders.  An armchair exercise programme designed to increase mobility it also provides cognitive stimulation therapy and encourages social interaction skills.  Asymmetrical movement patterns help older people and those with dementia/mild cognitive impairment to perform a wider range of functions, given it enables the right and left sides of the brain to process information independently. 

Lift the Weight (Rugby Players Association)

Lift the Weight is a social marketing initiative fronted by the RPA (The Rugby Players Association).  An online resource purpose-designed for RPA members, this website is full of useful videos, advice and links aimed at motivating players to seek help and support on a range of mental health issues.

Premier League Works (Liverpool City football Club Foundation)

Liverpool Football Club Foundation has recently embarked on a new Premier League Works initiative.  Designed to raise the expectations, confidence and social skills of young people in the Liverpool region who are not involved in training, education or employment, this 8-week social marketing project has made a huge difference.  Premier League Works is a partnership between the PFA and Prince’s Trust, and is adopted by various premier league football clubs.

Oxford United Football Club

A scheme that challenges the use of ‘legal highs’ among teenage boys within specific age bands. 

Manchester United Football Club

A project focused on encouraging inner city boys to raise their aspirations and consider the benefits of healthier eating regimes.

Social marketing has many different guises, but with a common goal - to improve outcomes. 

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