Using downloadable content to change behaviours

Posted by TeamPC on 22 Sep 2017

Using downloadable content to change behaviours

When it comes to influencing the opinion of a person in a specific target group, quality downloadable premium content can make a huge difference.  But what is it, and why are more creative agencies using it, to engage and connect with people on a level that motivates behaviour change?

Why is it called premium?

This is a type of digital content that can be accessed for free.  But it’s more than just a free guide that anyone can download – some of these to be honest are just a disguised sales pitch. Premium content is exceptionally informative and factually covers a topic (or issue) in detail and has value to the viewer.

It might take the form of an insightful article, eBook, webinar, explainer video, in-depth tutorial, or even a TV programme.  Whichever guise it takes, it guides an audience through a subject stage by stage, is information rich, and not readily available without commitment. 

Leading an audience towards greater understanding

As part of a wider blog or social marketing approach, premium content can be extremely useful in changing behaviours and leading a target audience towards greater understanding and appreciation of a given subject.

Very often this might be of a health or education nature.  It’s designed to leave the target audience in no doubt that positive change can lead to lifestyle benefits.

Giving people something of value

But it’s the perceived value of premium content that makes it such an effective tool, when used as part of a wider social marketing campaign.

Experience confirms that people do read it, do want it when offered and that it does, if appropriately written, contribute to the social marketing process.

Does it actually work?

Can premium content be used to influence behaviours as part of a social marketing health intervention or campaign?  Absolutely!  Plenty of people are prepared to give their details if they think something is of value – even better free - so make sure PC & Perfect Circle is part of your inbound marketing strategy. 

We’re Perfect Circle – an open and honest social marketing agency that delivers life changing behavioural change campaigns.

Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

The power of automated marketing

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