What common problems occur with a social marketing campaign?

Posted by TeamPC on 24 Aug 2017

What common problems occur with a social marketing campaign?

It would be wrong to assume that every social marketing campaign is always successful. While there are plenty of schemes that have delivered behaviour change on an unprecedented scale, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. 

People are unpredictable hence social marketing campaigns may need tweaking

You may think it’s rich that a leading social marketing authority like Perfect Circle (health marketing agency, London and in Manchester), is talking about problems with social marketing techniques, when it should be promoting what it can do. 

The point is, any marketing campaign is destined to fall short, if the business you are working with does not have the experience or understanding of your target audience.

In other words, be sure to work with a social marketing agency that understands what you want to achieve, and can then make best use of the tools available to deliver a campaign that makes a positive response.

Understanding why people choose to act in a specific way will help to deliver a successful scheme

In addition to the obvious problems that could cause failure, if you ignore the basic rules/phases of social marketing, fail to communicate your message in the right way, do not conduct thorough behavioural insights/research, or are completely ignorant to the issues being raised, then a social marketing project is quite likely to fail.  Ignorance is never a good platform for moving forward.

Don’t guess what your audience thinks

Likewise, guessing what your audience wants to hear or the ways they will behave, will not work given you are not connecting with their needs. 

Regular review and monitoring is essential

Each and every social marketing campaign should follow the 6 key stages of development.  One of these is dedicated to evaluation. The aim of evaluation is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your intervention, determine if it is making a difference, and measure its return on investment.   This will be the key benchmark for future phases and campaigning. 

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