Who creates videos for social marketing campaigns?

Posted by TeamPC on 31 Aug 2017

Who creates videos for social marketing campaigns?

Video is big - huge in fact.  And it’s everywhere!  On Facebook, Twitter, websites and other online platforms. 

Why do we prefer videos?  Because they are imaginative, easy to watch, very accessible, teach us things, entertain us, and above all else, excite our minds.  Snacking on a good film is what we all love to do!

Sharing video as a social marketing tactic

While you might naturally go to YouTube to watch a video, that’s just one platform. There are many more.  The power of short video is immense – and it’s not just the big brands that are using it.  It’s a very affordable way of presenting data to specific target groups.

All of this is why leading social marketing agencies have started to embrace the technology and use it as a tactic to deliver behaviour change and key social messages.

We love snacking on videos

Short videos suit our busy lives - it means we don’t have to wade through lots of words, and the way we are viewing it, embraces this too.  If we’re on the go, in the car (but not driving) or on the train, we can snack on video on our mobiles, and then move on to the next big thing on our daily agenda.

But who makes really great videos?

Us of course, - we’re Perfect Circle, a social marketing agency that specialises in delivering behavioural change.  If we didn’t believe in what we do, we wouldn’t be a very good agency would we? 

What we really love to do is create snack size videos as a vehicle for delivering our dynamic social marketing initiatives – whether that’s a targeted public health intervention, a community targeted sports project aimed at tackling specific issues or an inspirational education campaign to raise student aspirations etc.

There are others of course – it’s your prerogative to look. We understand that.  Please see some of our work below, a nice mix of powerful testimonials and campaign positioning tools– and then make your decision.  Give us a call and we’ll chat you through what we’ve done over the years.





We’re Perfect Circle – an open and honest social marketing agency that delivers life-changing behavioural change campaigns.

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Transform health behaviours

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