Why you should use sporting heroes in your next social marketing campaign

Posted by TeamPC on 26 Jul 2017

Why you should use sporting heroes in your next social marketing campaign

Everyone loves sport and we each have our own favourite when it comes to sporting heroes. 

Whether Steve Redgrave is your inspiration, Bradley Wiggins or Tom Daley, their achievements mean something. We recognise their efforts and look up to them as role models – perhaps someone that we aspire to be like.

Sporting heroes and social marketing campaigns – a winning combination

Social marketing agencies like Perfect Circle, a healthcare advertising agency, London, are now working with more and more sports organisations, including premier league football and rugby clubs, iconic golf centres etc to deliver social marketing projects, that drive positive behavioural change across communities.

To meet a sporting hero is a dream come true for many teenagers

Just imagine the powerful impact an educational talk could have, by, say, Gary Lineker, in terms of motivating young people to work hard, aim high, and reap the rewards.  From football legends to local favourites – they are inspiring people to change their behaviours

Whether it’s a local sports star or football legend, is not really the point. 

The important thing is that sporting heroes motivate young people to want to better themselves and go on to achieve greater things. So any involvement in a social marketing project has to be encouraged. Many football club foundations have their own funded social marketing education programmes, and these are having a huge influence over what young people are achieving. 

Heroes for just one day

So when you’re next planning a social marketing project, particularly when it’s designed to target young people in environments like schools, colleges and universities, why not consider a guest appearance from a local sporting hero – it might just transform a great education campaign into something really special.

Transforming lives and promoting behavioural change on a vast scale, social marketing campaigns are widely used throughout the sports and leisure industry.

We’re Perfect Circle – an open and honest social marketing agency that delivers life changing behavioural change campaigns.  Visit us online at perfect-circle.co.uk

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