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Awards? Sure we’ve got a few awards, but it's the behavioural change we've secured that really counts. For example, we've helped to deliver public health marketing strategies and obesity campaigns to help tackle health inequalities - that’s just the start. Positive change inspires us.



We’ll do what it takes to plan and deliver a successful social marketing approach and use every bit of our energy, creativity and technical wizardry to make that happen.   Our expert consultants will dig deep to find a creative strategy that responds to your unique requirements.



We like to think so. Our social marketing company employs the best, brightest talent available. What makes us a formidable team? Our passion for success. Perfect Circle is a behaviour marketing agency that people just love to work with.

We’re a perfectly formed, Manchester-based, agency that specialises in delivering social marketing campaigns that make a difference – to people, to families and to society at large. Social marketing is something that we’ve been successfully doing for over 20 years now, and we care about it...

Our creative hub is based near Manchester, with offices in London, and we’re very dedicated to what we do. This hopefully shines through in what we’ve achieved so far. But that’s just the beginning of our story. Each day, we continue to initiate world-class social marketing education, social marketing health and dental marketing solutions for a range of companies, health agencies and education providers.

We’re not fazed by the challenges that we face, or the sheer size of the problems and issues that we’re dealing with, because we believe in the power of social marketing to make change happen. This belief fuels our creative energy and inspires our motivation for getting the job done.

As a socially conscious business, we want to make a difference through our work, and that’s our ultimate goal, whether we’re working for small companies, large health trusts, agencies, or high street dental practices, our focus is always on instigating positive behavioural change.

As a social marketing health and social marketing education expert, we have amassed a portfolio of projects within Manchester region, and throughout the UK.

From NHS marketing, to schools, colleges, specialist education companies and the dental industry, social marketing is helping to redress the negative consequences of some serious health, social and behavioural issues across society, and we’re privileged to be playing a small part in making that happen.

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Social Marketing Has The Power To Make A Positive Difference 

Who are we?

We're Perfect Circle – the UK’s leading social marketing agency that delivers positive behavioural change.

We’ve been creating highly successful social marketing campaigns for our customers for over two decades.   Our secret?    We know what works, use the latest marketing communication tools and most current segmentation and customer insight techniques.   This allows us to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviour that benefits individuals and whole communities – for the social good.

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Vision of Perfect Circle

As the UK’s leading Social Marketing Agency, our vision is to enable people to be successful, to lead healthier lives and live in a sustainable environment. We believe that every project and campaign should deliver our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform an organisations ability to influence people’s behaviour, to make their lives longer, healthier and better. From men’s health, to drugs awareness and recycling campaigns, to name but a few.

Strategic Goals

We use the latest marketing communication tools, combined with the most current segmentation and consumer insight techniques that focus on the individual to understand how to deliver positive behavioural change.

With offices in London and a short distance from Manchester, we are one of the leading social marketing agencies in the UK. We live and breathe creative social marketing campaigns that deliver behaviour-change, benefiting real people, real communities and society as a whole.

From high profile social marketing health campaigns, to brilliant, life-changing schemes for marketing health services, each enquiry that we receive, every project that we win, and idea that we create, means something. We care passionately about the outcome of our work and how our social marketing strategies can positively improve peoples’ lives.

There is growing recognition that social marketing has a major part to play in tackling the need for social reform and lifestyle change across society, and we like to think that we are playing a small part in helping to bring that about. But there is much work to be done, and we are committed to helping the organisations and companies that we partner, to find effective ways of tackling some of society’s poor health behaviours and bad lifestyle choices.

We’re an award-winning, social marketing agency that gets a real buzz from seeing a campaign deliver. Whether that’s in healthcare marketing, dental marketing, NHS marketing, or social marketing education, our aim is always to make a difference. By raising the profile of social marketing, and taking on life-changing education and health campaigns, we hope to make our communities and our world, healthier and happier.

The Vital Statistics

Projects Delivered


Projects Delivered

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Years on Job

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Lives Changed

Creative Ideas


Creative Ideas

What We Do

To understand what we do, please take a couple of minutes to watch these short, powerful, inspirational testimonial films and listen to the life changing outcomes a successful social marketing campaign can deliver.

But don't take our word for it

"It's been inspirational to see the campaign’s outcomes, from dramatic weight loss, to improvements in the men’s quality of life."

Richard Twigg

Telford & Wrekin Council

How videos can be used in social marketing to change behaviours, save lives, money and resources



How videos can be used in social marketing to change behaviours, save lives, money and resources

When was the last time you watched a video on your tablet or phone? The chances are within the last 24 hours you will have...

Using downloadable content to change behaviours



Using downloadable content to change behaviours

When it comes to influencing the opinion of a person in a specific target group, quality downloadable premium content can make a huge difference....

What are stakeholders and why are they integral to the success of a social marketing campaign?



What are stakeholders and why are they integral to the success of a social marketing campaign?

Social marketing will only be successful in delivering behavioural change, if you involve people, or entire communities that are outside of your immediate steering,...

What social theories are involved with social marketing campaigns?



What social theories are involved with social marketing campaigns?

Why do we behave as we do? If marketers could get to grips with that, think about the impact a social marketing project might...


Behavioural Marketing is the future

With advances in behavioural marketing software, it’s now possible to pin down the specific profile of potential targets, through analysis of their digital usage. Sitting behind a website and gathering intelligence about browsers, over time it allows a greater degree of personalisation and tailoring of social marketing content focused on individual interests and preferences. The potential for improving outcomes and inspiring behaviour change is hugely exciting!

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Our Most Recent Work

The population is now living longer and it is estimated that, by 2025, the number of people living with dementia in the UK will have increased to around 1 million. A significant number of these patients will also have complex medical and dental histories. We're proud to be working with the NHS Dementia Dentistry team, as they work towards meeting this challenge and our most recent project is featured here.

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