How is Marketing Automation Changing Healthcare Marketing?

Marketing Automation has helped transform the communication activities of organisations in many industries and Healthcare marketing is the latest to be transformed. A study has suggested that more than two-thirds of patients prefer digital communications from their healthcare provider over those sent via post. Organisations in the healthcare sector that...
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What makes a person change their behaviour through social marketing?

Scientists and psychologists have spent an eternity trying to understand human behaviours and much ground has been gained. We are unique individuals that behave in unique ways, but it’s by analysing this behaviour over time, that marketing professionals now understand what works (and what doesn’t) when creating and...
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The new technology that social marketing campaigns need

Technology has made possible many new and creative things across different industries. From more effective communication, better targeting and highly accurate digital profiling, recent advances in behavioural change software have completely changed what social marketing campaigns can achieve. And that’s a really exciting development. Behaviour change marketing has changed –...
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What technology is being used to change behaviours in 2017?

Technology drives us. It’s changed the way we work, how we communicate with each other, share data, ideas and more. As long as it’s properly applied, technology changes lives – for the better. And this is something that the healthcare sector has experienced in relation to use of the...
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Exploring the wider potential for automated marketing in health

The pressures on the UK healthcare sector are great. From dealing with mental health issues, age-related health problems, discouraging poor social habits, and promotion of healthy lifestyle messages, the NHS commissioners have a complex and growing workload to deal with. Technology is now being used to personalise and automate social...
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Top 10 reasons to invest in e-mail marketing- Free guide

Many business owners that have a presence online use e-mail marketing to expand their business at a rapid pace. It’s fast, reliable, cost effective and one of the most competent ways to get your message across and drive sales opportunities. The right e-mail content, designed and built in the...
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Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

The power of automated marketing

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