Digital Marketing Tactics that Drive Behaviour Change

Mobile phones and social media have become ingrained in our everyday lives, with 45 million social media users and an estimated 94% of adults in the UK owning a mobile phone. Digital marketing tactics are becoming an essential part of behaviour change campaigns. When it comes to Behaviour Change marketing, one of...
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Is Facebook Part of your Behaviour Change Strategy?

According to Statista, approximately 36 million people in the UK use Facebook and by 2022 this is expected to reach in excess of 42 million. Given its popularity and how it has become a part of our everyday lives, it is an ideal platform to help drive positive behaviour change. Implementing a successful...
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Social Marketing Campaign to Launch

Perfect Circle has been working with NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT to develop their latest social marketing campaign. As part of an eight million pound investment to improve access to NHS dental services across the Rochdale Borough, Perfect Circle and NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT are working together...
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Facebook Launch for Levenshulme High School

To communicate the eightieth anniversary celebration event at Levenshulme High School, Perfect Circle created a Facebook site for the school. The Facebook site was designed to generate social networking opportunities that directed the target audience through to a site we created called Levenshulmeis80.co.uk. At this site passed students...
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Transforming health behaviours

Transform health behaviours

The power of automated marketing

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